Like so many people in Toronto, my life is an over-scheduled, over-caffeinated, plugged-in existence that can really fry the brain. Finding time and space for calm and concentration can be a challenge. And even when there’s space for a time out, I can’t always get the synapses to stop firing.

In short, my monkey mind is swinging from the trees and needs some serious training. So, I’ve resolved to try out meditation – an ancient cure for the affliction of modern living. Once viewed as spiritual and countercultural, meditation has gone mainstream and secular – with the medical establishment standing behind the mental and physical health benefits of mindfulness.

So join me for the next few months as I start a daily practice, and observe its effects on my scattered psyche. And because gazing at my navel is bound to lose its charm pretty quickly, I’ll be stopping in at some of the best places to sit in the city.

So sit up, breathe deep, pay attention.


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